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Select Stone Company Offers Everything Needed To Build and Maintain Any Water Garden, Pond or Water Feature

Adding a water garden to your existing landscaping may seem like a daunting challenge

but it may be far easier than you think and with the help of the professionals from

Select Stone, you will have a beautiful oasis in no time!

We can help you create a beautiful
water garden for your yard


Building & Maintenance Equipment

Pond liners, filters & skimmers

aerators, plumbing fittings, hose, tubing, pond lighting, water features, etc.


Pond Chemicals &

Water Treatments

Water conditioners, clarifiers

pond algae treatments

pond & water testing supplies


Aquatic Plants & Products

Hardy and tropical plants

water lilies & lotuses

submersible & floating plants


Premium, select and standard grade Koi & fancy Butterfly Koi, fancy goldfish, shubunkins & pond scavengers


Pond/Lake Fountains

Aeration fountains & lake bed aerators from Airmax

& Atlantic Water Gardens


Seasonal Pond Care

Pond winterizing products

deicers, air stones & air pumps, pond netting, beneficial bacteria pond cover nets,

fish nets & leaf nets





 Select Stone is a full service water garden supplier conveniently located in Northwest Ohio just west of Toledo Ohio. Here you'll find the supplies you need to build a beautiful, low-maintenance water feature. We stock everything needed to install and maintain water gardens and Koi ponds and we have pond professionals on staff, to answer all your questions.

 We stock the top name brands from leading manufactures including Airmax Ecosystems, Atlantic Water Gardens, Danner-Pondmaster, Dura Plastics, Microbe-Lift by Ecological Labs, Firestone PondGard, Dewitt Pond Under liner,Alpine,Crystal Clear, and GreenClean.


  • Pond liners
  • Pond skimmers
  • Pond Filtration
  • Pond pumps
  • Pond lighting
  • Aerators pond and lake
  • Water quality test kits
  • Pond plumbing parts
  • Water Lilies & Lotuses
  • Marginal and bog plants
  • Koi and goldfish
  • Treatments for the water garden
  • Fish Food
  • Fish Health Products


 Our pond experts can assist you with your maintenance needs and supplies for building water gardens, Koi ponds and water features. We supply homeowners, landscape contractors, building contractors, garden centers, and public facilities and municipalities. We distribute pond and water garden supplies nationwide with daily shipping. For fast service, best selection and low pricing choose Select Stone Company for all your water garden and pond supplies.

 We invite you to stop in and get to know our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Contact the experienced professionals at Select Stone Company today for all of your water garden supplies. Give us a call at 419-861-9600.


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