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Select Stone Company has beautiful
fish for your water garden

Koi and fancy goldfish make beautiful
additions to your water feature

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Once you have created a pond or water garden in your yard, it is often a good idea to add fish, which help to keep the water healthy and add a beautiful element. Koi and fancy goldfish are fun to watch, easy to maintain and help keep your water garden investment healthy and beautiful all
year round.

Select Stone Company is the largest full service water garden center in Northwest Ohio. Fully stocked with all the supplies you need to get started building a beautiful, low-maintenance water garden. This includes a wide variety of gorgeous fish including Select and Premium Koi and Butterfly Koi from top US breeders including Blue Ridge Fisheries, Black Water Creek, Quality Koi and Limited Imported Japanese Koi. We stock hundreds of Koi, from all sizes starting with small fingerlings of 3”-4” to 12-16” Large Koi in most varieties. We have Kohaku Koi, Doitus Koi, Asagi Koi Utsuri Koi, Bekko Koi, Showa Koi, Sanke Koi, Ogon Koi, Susui Koi, Gin Rin Koi, Koromo Koi, Chagoi Koi, Hariwake Koi and many more of premium and select quality. Koi are an exciting addition to many ponds and water gardens. Our Koi are hand fed and have become very accustom to people and they will feed directly from our hands. They are highly valued as family pets. Koi are fairly inexpensive when they are small but as they grow (they can reach up to 36 inches), they get more expensive. They are also priced according to their brilliance of color and quality of pattern. We have sold many Koi that have grown into very valuable Koi of
show quality.

Fancy goldfish are another variety of fish that usually thrive in a water garden or pond. Like common goldfish, fancy goldfish are hearty and they thrive in virtually any environment. These fish come in many different colors including gold, yellow, orange and calico. Another plus to filling your water feature with fancy goldfish is their inexpensive price tag.

At Select Stone Company, we have professionals on staff to answer your questions. We can tell you how many fish to put in your pond, what to feed them and how to care for them.

When you need help with your pond, we invite you to stop in and get to know the knowledgeable and friendly water garden staff. Contact the experienced professionals at Select Stone Company today for all of your water garden supplies. Give us a call at 419-861-9600 or toll free at 1-800-695-9867 or email us at



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