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Savio_Skimmerfilter_in_pondPond Skimmers

A skimmer or skimmer filter is a mechanical filter device, connected to the intake line of a pump, that continuously draws and collects floating debris from the surface of the pond, which allows the water to then be pumped to the pond's filtration system and or waterfall to return to the pond. Skimmers work as a prefilter, provides protection as well as easy access to the pump and reduces maintenance. Savio's skimmer filter provides for in unit installation of ultraviolet clarifier to provide clear water all season long. When combined with the appropriate pond filter and beneficial bacteria added to the system your pond can achieve a balanced ecosystem and maintenance practically disappears.


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Skimmerfilter™ Combines 4 Types of Filtration

Undoubtedly the hardest working gardening product in your pond, the Savio Skimmerfilter® dramatically reduces pond maintenance while blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Combining four types of filtration for superior pond water clarity - its all-in-one approach reduces plumbing and eliminates the need for extra plumbing and equipment. All four systems work in harmony, in one easy-to-install unit that saves you time and money.

UV Filtration
- Savio Skimmerfilters® are the only skimmers on the market with a patented integrated UV system (sold separately) - a safe, chemical free way to eliminate green water.

Skimming Action - Pulls debris from the surface of the water, capturing in a rigid leaf basket with handle for clean, no mess disposal

Biological Filtration - Filter media provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize the skimmerfilter, converting biological waste from fish, ammonia and other toxins to inert forms for healthier ponds.

Mechanical Filtration
- The skimmerfilter protects and extends the life of your pump, providing a place to conceal ugly equipment and plumbing. When used with a biological filtration system, the skimmer prefilters debris allowing your filter to work more efficiently.

The skimmerfilter’s super strong injection molded housing and cylindrical design resists warping and compaction in the ground, winning the approval of landscape and irrigation professionals everywhere. The SS0000 is large enough to accommodate a large submersible pump or two medium size pumps. The Savio Skimmerfilter® works as a Complete Filtration Solution for ponds up to 1,000 gallons (or use with a Savio Livingponds Filter for larger water features and still enjoy the same clean, clear water).

Three faceplate assemblies (sold separately) are available to accommodate a variety of pump sizes.

Product Code (Base Unit) SS0000




                           6"  SSW6000                8.5"  SSW8500                  16"   SSW16000

    FLOW:         500-2500GPH                  1800-5000GPH                 5000-8500GPH



  MANUAL AUTO FILL                  MOCK ROCK COVER                     UV CLARIFIER


k3001   k1001   k1002

                  PUMP KITS                       MIDWATER INTAKE          EXTERNAL PUMP KIT





Proof that excellence does come in small sizes, the Savio Compact Skimmerfilter® is based on the best-selling Savio Skimmerfilter®. Reducing pond maintenance, while blending with the surrounding landscape, the Compact Skimmerfilter® collects debris, clears water, and hides unsightly pumps. This mighty skimmer delivers dynamic multi-stage filtration for smaller ponds and water features, providing a complete filtration system for ponds up to 700 gallons, and a skimming solution for ponds up to 2,500 gallons. Like its larger predecessor, it combines four types of filtration for optimal water quality: skimming, mechanical, biological, and UV filtration.




                                                6" CW6000                         8.5" CW8500

                        FLOW:          500-2500 GPH                  1800-5000 GPH



      k5001     k3001

                      UV CLARIFIER                MOCK ROCK COVER            PUMP KITS


Model: PS3900

Weir Width: 6”

Dimensions: 17¾”W x 19½”D x 19½”H

Pump Flow Range: 1,000 - 3,900 gph

Sq. Ft. Rating: 200

Filtering: net, Matala mat

Match to FilterFalls: BF1600






Model: PS4600

Weir Width: 6”

Dimensions: 19½”W x 26”D x 22”H

Max Pump Flow: 4,000 gph

Sq. Ft. Rating: 400

Filtering: net, brush panel

Match to FilterFalls: BF1900



Model: PS7000

Weir Width: 9”

Dimensions: 25”W x 30”D x 24”H

Max Pump Flow: 7,000 gph

Sq. Ft. Rating: 900

Filtering: net, brush panel

Match to FilterFalls: BF2600


Model: PS15000

Weir Width: 14”

Dimensions: 28”W x 33”D x 31”H

Max Pump Flow: 15,000 gph

Sq. Ft. Rating: 1400

Filtering: net, brush panel

Match to FilterFalls: BF3800







Weir Width: 6”

Dimensions: 13”W x 13”D x 25”H

Pump Flow Range: 1,000 - 3,000 gph

Filtering: net

Application: Satellite Skimmer - Drawing and cleaning water

from hard-to-reach areas of a pond, the Satellite Skimmer is used in combination with (and plumbs into) the main pond skimmer. PS3000 installs inside or outside the pond.

Use with Skimmer: PS7000 / PS15000

Model: PS4000

Weir Width: 6”

Dimensions: 17½”W x 24”D x 22”H

Pump Flow Range: 1,000 - 3,000 gph

Sq. Ft. Rating: 300

Filtering: basket, mat

Match to FilterFalls: BF1000/BF1250

Other: Includes retail packaging



Model: PS4500

Weir Width: 9”

Dimensions: 17½”W x 24”D x 22”H

Pump Flow Range: 2,000 - 4,000 gph

Sq. Ft. Rating: 600

Filtering: basket, mat

Match to FilterFalls: BF1500

Other: Includes retail packaging




Weir Size Opening: 11"W x 7"H

Dimensions: 24"L x 26"W x 23"H

Max Flow: 8000 gph

The Pondmaster ProLine Skimmer removes surface debris for ponds with a surface area up to 800 sq ft. Super strong cylindrical shaped housing that resists side cave ins and reinforced skimmer lid, strong enough to stand on. Made of heavy duty high density polyethylene. Large adjustable 11" x 7" weir door for maximum skimming. Large clog resistant leaf basket. Can accommodate two pumps (1200 to 8000 gph) total. Pump compartment area: 19" X 7.5" x 19" for horizontal or vertical pumps. All fittings for 1.5" or 2" are included



- 8" WEIR


- Front to back design

- Pump sits behind debris net

- Adjustable overflow allows finished pond level adjustment

- One pice aluminum framed debris net for quick and easy cleaning

- Comes with 2" bulkhead fittings allowing for one or two pump installations

- Dimensions 29"L x 19"W x 21"H





We stock the top name brands from leading manufactures including Atlantic Water Gardens, Danner-Pondmaster, Dewitt, Dura Plastics, Kasco Marine, Microbe-Lift by Ecological Labs, Firestone PondGard, Savio, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, MARS Fish Care, Crystal Clear, GreenClean and Laguna.

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We offer classes on design, construction, and maintenance of water gardens and Koi ponds. We supply homeowners, landscape contractors, building contractors, garden centers, and public facilities and municipalities. We distribute pond and water garden supplies nationwide with daily shipping. For fast service, best selection and low pricing choose The Select Stone Company for water garden and pond supplies.

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